no-heat CURLS

hey angel faces! my blog and this post has a new home!

click HERE to go directly to the “no heat curls” post.

i hope you love my new blog as much as i do! XO, AR


3 thoughts on “no-heat CURLS

  1. wow those curls look amazing, just what I’ve been looking or all this time. Iwanted to ask you one question, how many flexi rods do you use??? cs i wanna try to replicate this look asap 😀

    1. hey there! we’ve moved this blog over to a different address, and here’s the link for this post in particular:

      to answer your question, i use anywhere from 5 to 7 flexi rods 🙂 the more rods, the more curls! my hair’s pretty thick though, so sometimes if i use more than 7 rods, my hair gets poofy and i’m not into that. haha

      hope to see you around the new blog! thanks for such a great question! 🙂
      xo, ar

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