grow it long, grow it strong!

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56 thoughts on “grow it long, grow it strong!

  1. my hairs naturally curly and really frizzy so if i dont comb it when its wet it’ll be like a jungle! haha

    1. maybe try using a wide tooth comb and running some argan oil through it πŸ™‚ it should help pull your hair less and create less frizz. also, i know this sounds weird, but try sleeping on a satin pillowcase and/or not drying your hair with a towel. that should help too πŸ™‚
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      1. If you will use on old tea shirt that works so much better than towel drying. The towel is rough on your hair. It works really great. I use my husbands white under shirt throw a ways.

    2. I had the sameeee problem .i used to get irritated and I cut my hair too short too but now its grown . Istarted applying olive oil half an hour before hair wash . and i dint clean wash my hair, and i also mixed lime juice with shampoo .this reducess the frizz. also if you want your hair to grow fast apply onion juice (mixer) it promotes hair growth.

      1. Hi there I have hair about to my shoulder and do you know how I could possibly grow my hair a little faster because my dance is coming up in about 2 months and I really wanted long hair for it what do u think?

        1. Hey Alyssa .
          This is a proven method .1.(Chop Onions and put it in the mixer and squeeze the pulp and apply the liquid on your scalp and Hair ) leave it for Half an hour and wash it with a mild shampoo or the one with good fragrance to keep away the onion stink .) This is a proven method for fast hair growth and also it keeps away the dandruff and hairfall and from the hair turning grey.
          2.And also try inverting method (i.e., Slowly tilt your head upside down for only 5 minutes ) this promotes blood circulation.
          3.Drink lots of Water
          4. Intake Biotins once a day
          5. Apply Oil atleast once a week half an hour before hair wash .

          Hope you follow these tips and your hair grows longer ,faster.
          Take Care

          1. The 5 minute thing works! I promise lol I use to do it in middle school for like 10 minutes before bed each night or when my hair was wet, and it grew faster than normal 😏

        2. Coconut oil rub it in scalp and leave in for a hour then wash do this 2-4 times a week then when you don’t have split ends reduce this tenique to 2 -4 times a month

        3. There’s this thing called the inversion method if you brush through your hair so there’s no tangles then sign in a chair or something look at the floor and let all of your hair hang down towards the ground and massage your scalp for five minutes depending on your hair type you can get 1-4 inches in one week if you do it every day

  2. So I got my hair cut about 5 months ago, I said I only wanted a littl bit off but the last cut like 4 inches off, I’ve been trying to grow it long. Any products or tips to help?

    1. oh my goodness, i’m sorry that happened! idk if you’re no-poo or not, but besides everything in this post, i’d suggest trying the deep conditioning masks i have posted every week or so. i don’t use hair products, so i wouldn’t be able to suggest any 😦 but in general, it just takes time and patience. i know that sucks, but there’s no magic potion for speed hair growth. i wish there was!!

      1. The same thing happened to me! So i asked the lady at my salon and she said biotin stimulates hair growth! So if you want your hair longer faster go to the store and get some biotin capsules and since they’re a vitamin there’s no risk of taking too much and getting sick! Also if you condition your hair, get lots of sunlight, and massage your scalp every morning you’ll have your long hair back in no time

        1. Yes, I apply coconut oil in hair and body,use it for makeup remover there is so many things coconut oil can be used for.

    2. I had the sameeee problem .i used to get irritated and I cut my hair too short too but now its grown . Istarted applying olive oil half an hour before hair wash . and i dint clean wash my hair, and i also mixed lime juice with shampoo .this reducess the frizz. also if you want your hair to grow fast apply onion juice (mixer) it promotes hair growth.

    3. Use there Hair essential vitiams your hair will grow thick n long. I use myself. Give it a chance 3 months you will never stop taking transforms heads of hair.. Been using myself for 18 months have super thick n curly, that was once wimpy and sad.

  3. Hey πŸ™‚ I got my haircut about last summer cut into a long bob so now it’s grown out a little bit lower then my shoulders and it won’t seem to grow I want it about to my lower back..I use biotin but it hasn’t seemed to work either:( so what do u recommend?

  4. Hello I lie your blog but don’t think I can take the dive! I have very fine thin hair but I use to have a lot of it! I die my hair maybe twice a year brown not blond! I have a child and I’m 25! I wash my hair every two to three day and I try to use ph balanced shampoo and only condition my ends! I work as a personal banker and have to look polished! I also do a blow out after washing … Any advice??

    1. take there hair Vitamens called hair essentials … They work your days of thin har will be over if you take faithfully. I did was in doubt at first but after three months Wow .. You try you will be be happy with resists .

  5. Sorry lol I love your blog and I’m trying to grow my hair out right now ?? I need volum and workable doo please help me grow it out an look nice πŸ˜‰

    1. There are curlers you can buy that have a kind of Velcro feel for volume.. I have them and they work amazing.. you should try them!

  6. I naturally have an oily scalp but my ends are dry because I have highlights. What do you suggest for the ratio of baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar? I was going to try it but I have tried the organic shampoo before and my hair came out SUPER oily so I’m worried that will happen if I stop using shampoo for the first time!

    1. I have the same hair type! Mine is also very thin… Try leaving in you conditioner on your ends for 5 minutes before rinsing. When I got my highlights my hair got very dry but now it healthy and shiny also add some oil to your ends, I use tea tree oil or coconut oil. Hope this helps😊

  7. You have done a great job, Nice blog thank for sharing your thoughts with others and for providing useful information with all.Every women desire to have long hair but due to some Harmon problem using chemical air start falling and they have to face lot of problems. Now Indian hair provides best option for long hair hair, Buy long hair from Indian hair which are natural and look real no one can judge you.

  8. Please use a product with BOTIN and L-methionine your hair will grow thick
    And strong. Take hair essential vitamins. From Natural well being I have and
    I have a fabulous head of hair strong and thicker , shines and is great I also
    Use Wen hair care products and shampoo 3 times a week. Fine hair use the
    Sweet almond. Only get the shampoo not the products styling I mean, the
    Hair mask you can put in a tbsps in a squirt bottle with hot water n mix up and use as a revitalizing treatment if it feels dry. Between shampoos.. You will have long gorgeous hair in 6 months if you take the Vitamens 3xs a day n use Chas Dean Wen hair care .. I have and mine went From fine to thick n curly and grows over a half inch per month.. Great luck

  9. Dear girls,

    i always had long thick hair, until i said oke cut it of till the point where its healthy now she just kept cutting it shorter everytime. i have to say before i went to the hairdresser once a 6 months now i go every 6 weeks. i think its short but it stil grows like crazy so if i d just stop going to get it a cut everytime it would get long again.
    i think it might be because i eat so many nuts fruit and veggies going outside whenever the sun is out (they say that would work) cause of vitamin d and vitamin d is also in fruit so maybe try that i dont know if thats it or that it depends on the person but theres one thing i know it comes from inside so feed your hair and body from whitin hairgrowth things you have to put on your head wont work cause hair is dead from the outside it wont help!

  10. And in the meantime just keep it healthy from the inside out and ofcourse hairmasks wont hurt! try not to paint it that much and use hairstyling tools or just use good protection i use biosilk for years now and i feel like it kindof works:P

  11. It’s really very much painful to see my dream girl with small and ugly hair. It is really good to read such a nice article. I have searched couple of days such type of information and found some interesting writing on best hair growth vitamins. But it is the best of all. Thanks for writing this. I really appreciate your writing.

  12. Dear already,I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for a long time but I can’t use masks since my family is on a budget please tell me what to do your my only hope :-O

    1. Hello!!!! No worries. Coconut oil works wonderfully as a cheap hair mask. Coconut oil is pretty cheap I think. First scoop some out and put it in a bowl, then run it through your (dry) hair. Pull it up into some plastic wrap or a shower head and wait 15 minutes and occasionally blow dry it while your waiting, as the heat will make the oils penetrate your hair better. After the time is up, wash your hair out about 3 times thoroughly. Massage the shampoo all over your scalp don’t condition. Make sure there is no oil left in you hair and that should work. Do this about once a week and it’s fantastic!!!

      1. Yes, I apply coconut oil in hair and body,use it for makeup remover there is so many things coconut oil can be used for. For your hair add some olive oil with coconut oil, beat an egg in there and you have it.

  13. I use Hair essential. By it has L-methionine in it along with the other essentials for beautiful hair. Three tabs a day your hair will be thick n long in no time. I had short thin hair a year ago it’s now thick n to the middle of my back. And coconut oil condition once a week air dry when possible, and go to th web site. Retired Cosmo. 28 years

  14. I would want to know if after relaxing your hair, you could adopt a natural way of relaxing it occasionally without the use of chemicals and get the same results..or better so that you don’t go back to using chemicals. The idea though, isn’t to make your hair natural but relaxed hair without the use of chemicals in relaxing it. I hope you get my point

    1. Hey Venessa,
      Relaxing without Chemicals ?
      Well, giving Hot steam to your hair would do soo much better than chemicals .
      Hot Steam ? Yes ( you will get a tiny steamer product at Pharmacy too)
      Hot steam for hair (even to your face – to keep away pores )

      And i’d also like to suggest giving steam while/after you apply Oil for half an hour .
      This works ! I hope it does to you too.
      Take Care.

  15. Hey so I have a bad habit of playing with my hair when I am bored so my hair is very broken. Its pretty long but damaged and I still want it longer. Have any advice for me?

    1. I never really have time to do these kinda things… But I definitely want longer and stronger hair, and to get rid of those split ends!!! Ill try to put alittle more time in it…Thank u for the tips!

  16. Actually I just rebond (straight ) my hair and its look really ugly for my face. I seriously dont know how to get rid off it. My plan is hoping my original hair grow faster so that I can just cut the straight hair. Anyway my original hair is curl.Any advise please??? Help needed
    My hair stylist inform me to wash my hair after 3 days, my I washed it right away I back from saloon bz my hair look so flat n thin

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