eSalon – haircolor

i’ve been trying to give up on putting chemicals on my hair, but when i found out i could do a completely customized hair dye profile online for only $4.95, delivered straight to my door, i HAD to try it out for myself!

for those of you that dye your hair, i’d recommend trying this site instead of going to a salon and paying all kinds of money. they guarantee your satisfaction and will refund the full amount, including shipping! woo! and sure enough, it really was ONLY $4.95!

you have to go through a few pages of questions about your hair care, color, skin tone, etc. it’s pretty easy. it’s so customized that you can submit pictures of yourself for the hair color specialists to analyze and whip up the perfect color for you.

the bottle supposedly even has your name on it because it’s only made for YOU. well, i ended up not buying it (because i’m trying so hard to stick to my organic hair care routine!) but it’s a pretty sweet deal to not pass up!

keep in mind they do have monthly shipments and charges to your card, so if you don’t want a new box of hair dye every 4 to 12 weeks, make sure to cancel the order!

have you guys tried this?

check it out here



put your two cents in :)

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