3 day curls


i can’t be the only one who’s hair usually falls flat a few hours after curling it! if you want a quick, non-overnight way to curl your hair and have it last for DAYS, here it is! (and if you don’t want to use heat on your hair, check this post out here. i will spare you the “how-to” for curling your hair with a straightener… no sense in beatin a dead horse lol. check this tutorial out if you aren’t familiar with how. (that girl talks a lot, so skip ahead some). it’ll take some practice, but once you get it down, you’ll be a hair-curlin’ fool!

*please only do this on the rare occasion. using a straightener to curl your hair is very damaging!

curls day 1

i curled my air-dried hair into spiral curls with a straightener. i put argan oil on the ends and top layers of my hair to combat damage and frizz…and add shine! it took about 25 minutes to curl because my hair is long and thick. i didn’t use any hair products to keep the curls in (no hairspray, mousse, nothin!)

curls day 2

i woke up, ran my fingers through my hair, and admired my big, loose curls. again, no hair products! no chemicals! you can run some argan oil or coconut oil through your hair to combat frizz and add some shine.

curls day 3

again, i woke up, ran my fingers through my hair, and admired my wavy curls (more waves). again, no products!

as you know, i wash my hair on day 3 or 4, depending on how it looks (. otherwise, i’d have loose waves on day 4. i LOVE taking 25 minutes to do my hair, not use chemicals, and have pretty hair for DAYS! 🙂

lemme know if this works for you guys!



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