pumpkin muffins

fall is such a great season. it’s all cuddles, pumpkins, cookies, beautiful leaves, bonfires, hot coco, etc etc etc. what’s not to love? (minus the impending winter…)

in the spirit of fall, i tried a recipe i found on pinterest for pumpkin muffins. they claimed to be super easy and super delicious so i tried them.

and guess what? they were indeed super easy and super delicious! i changed the 2 ingredient recipe a bit, so here’s how it’s done:

  • one regular size can of pumpkin
  • one box of cake mix (i used yellow and i’ve heard spice cake is even better!)
  • cupcake pan

i added:

  • saigon cinnamon (in the batter)
  • melted brown sugar with cinnamon (for drizzle)
  • powdered sugar (to put on top of the drizzle)

that’s it! really! i mixed the pumpkin with the cake mix and put it into the cupcake pan, and baked them according to the box instructions.

here’s how they turned out:



anyone else tried this recipe; or going to?



3 thoughts on “pumpkin muffins

  1. Try using a pie pumpkin instead of canned. It enhances the pumpkin flavor and its easy. All you have to do is cut the pumpkin in half, pulp it, pop in in the microwave until it’s mushy (about 30 minures usually), remove the skin, and then puree it. It’s healthier than canned pumpkin and you’re not going to be eating all the preservatives and sugar you will find in canned pumpkin. Those look delish! 😉

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