homemade bread

homemade bread is one of the most delicious things EVER. not gonna lie, i ate 1/4 of the peasant bread loaf by myself in one sitting with some garlic and herb cheese. so good.

i want to give credit where credit is due, so these two recipes for peasant bread and artisan bread i got from the blog “alexandra’s kitchen.” how fitting right?! i’m tellin ya…. alexandra is the best name! ;D  here’s her page for peasant bread and here’s the page for artisan bread. go check out her recipes! she is FANTASTIC!

i followed the peasant bread recipe exactly and it was SO delicious! crispy and buttery on the outside and fluffy on the inside! look-

20130228_172515  20130228_195526

for the artisan bread, i made one loaf with cheddar and herbs, and a second with garlic and herbs…. TO DIE FOR!! crispy/crusty on the outside and dense in the middle. just like fancy restaurant bread. pinkies up!!



20130301_125219  garlic & herb loaf ^


cheddar & herb loaf ^

lemme know (and the original baker) how yours turns out! if you guys continue to buy bread after this, you’re crazy! haha



put your two cents in :)

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