heaven’s mashed potatoes


ok, emergency fricken post! this isn’t even going to look like a normal post because i didn’t remotely plan on putting this on my blog. but dag nabbit if these aren’t the best whoppin mashed potatoes i’ve ever had in my life!!!! (minus some i had in france… but it was in france… with fresh cheese…)

idk even know what to call these. sinful mashed potatoes… alex mashers… angel breath taters… delicious and filling heaven clouds?!

go make these right NOW! EMERGENCY FOR YOUR TONGUE!

ok. warning: it’s a calorie laden side, but who cares when it makes your tongue cry like a sweet baby! it made about 4-5 servings. which means you can split it between 2 or 3 people because they’re that darn good! oh goodness, i can’t handle it.


3 regular ol potatoes
3/4 tbs garlic salt
1/4 ranch dressing
find a big cereal spoon and carve out two huge chunks of butter (you can go easier, but don’t)
2 things of mozzarella string cheese (*now that i’ve made this, i wanna try cheddar next!)


1. boil your taters for 15-20 minutes, until you can poke it easily with a fork
2. while they’re boiling, cut up your cheese into tiny pieces so it melts easier
3. mash up your taters in a medium bowl (make sure they’re still hot enough to melt the cheese)
4. add the garlic salt, ranch, butter and cheese
5. MIX like crazy until you can scoop out a bite of heaven and see the cheese trail after the spoon like, “EAT ME TOO!”

by the wayyyy, can you imagine what’d these would taste like with bacon?!?!! SMOKED BACON?! gah, i can’t handle this. go make these taters right darn NOW 🙂




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