breakfast casserole


if your family isn’t too keen on waking up early enough for breakfast, or if you’re not a morning person, or if you are too busy for breakfast, this is a great way to prepare a meal for anyone! you can make it any way you want, but this is just how i made it with what i had in my fridge at the time.

this breakfast casserole is super easy to make (takes about 10 mins prep and 20 mins to cook) and makes about 6-8 servings. for matt and i, that means breakfast pretty much all week long! not to mention, your home will smell AMAZING.


– small casserole dish. i used 8′ x 8′ and it was perfect!
– one can of biscuits (i used the generic buttermilk ones… 10 biscuits for 49 cents!)
– 6 large eggs
– splash of milk
– pinch of salt and pepper, to taste
– *bacon
– *cheese
– *peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, etc (whatever you want to add in)

HOW TO'1. preheat your oven to 400 or 375…whatever your can of biscuits calls for
2. grease up your casserole dish
3. open your biscuits, flatten each one, and place in the casserole dish to make a bottom crust
4. crack your eggs and mix them with a splash of milk, and salt/pepper, to taste (keep in mind bacon is salty, so don’t overdo it)
20130222_110640 20130222_110847
5. pour your egg mixture over your biscuits in the casserole dish
6. chop up whatever veggies you’re using. i used 1/3 of an orange pepper, and it was plenty!
7. add your veggies to the casserole dish
8. chop up bacon (can be uncooked or cooked) and place in casserole dish
9. place in oven for maximum cook time on biscuit package. mine was 13 minutes.
10. slice up some cheese. i used this much:

11. check on your breaskfast casserole, and add cheese.
12. let cook the rest of the way (5-8 more mins, tops i would say). you need to make sure the biscuits and eggs are cooked ALL the way (duh 🙂 )
13. take out of oven, let cool, slice up, and ENJOY!!


lemme know how you guys like this and the combos you used! i’d love to try your recipes!



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