Wet n Wild Swatches!

i am the queen of not putting effort into my makeup routine. if it’s too hard, i don’t do it. if the whole thing takes longer than 15 minutes, i don’t do it. needless to say, this is my first time attempting to wear liptstick; WOO!


i went to the closest walgreens and picked up 3 wet n wild lipsticks for a total of $5.30… two were 99 cents and the other was $2.99. can’t beat that! i went with the 99 cent red lipsticks because i’ve never tried any type of red lipsticks and wasn’t sure which one would be the best hue of red for me (blue eyes, pale skin and brown hair). i did HOURS and HOURS of research on various lipstick shades and went to idk how many other blogs to check out some swatches. i never found anyone with my skin/eye/hair color combination tho.

here goes! and please excuse my no-foundation-skin with the up-close pictures lol…

**lesson learned- USE A LIP BRUSH!!!!! i figured “meh, i don’t need one of those fancy stupid brushes”.. but after trying these on, YES YOU DO. BUY ONE. and remember, that advice is coming from the girl who uses her fingers to apply foundation and eyeshadow, haha!

these are the three i bought- “cinnamon”, “dark wine” and “within these adobe walls”


picture with flash… VERY true to real life color!


again with flash, on my hand.. very true to color!! (L to R- dark wine, cinnamon, adobe)


here there are again- (L to R- dark wine, cinnamon, adobe)

aaaand lip trials!!



half and half, so you can compare to bare lips. here it looks like MLBB.. but that changes lol


full lip coverage (multiple swipes), no flash


overall, i am disappointed in this lipstick… it turned out quite orange on my lips, which according to 283734 makeup experts, should be flattering, but it most definitely is NOT (at least on me!)


half and half:


full coverage (multiple swipes):


full shot:


for this being my first EVER red lipstick, i have to say, i think it’s a tad too bright for my complexion. what do you think?

but it’s very creamy and feels awesome!


half and half, one swipe:


half and half, multiple swipes:


full coverage (multiple swipes; no flash):


out of the three, this red lipstick is by far my favorite! it’s very creamy and very opaque (as you can see from one swipe compared to multiple). i thought it would be wayyyy too dark on me, but i like the way it makes my blue eyes pop 🙂

MY FAVORITE– dark wine on bottom, cinnamon on top!

i played around with the two red lipsticks (sorry, adobe!) and found a combo i really like!

here’s dark wine with one swipe cinnamon on top (with flash; it looks a tad darker without flash in person)


and here’s dark wine with two swipes cinnamon on top (my fave)! it’s dark but no too dark! (with flash)


have any of you found your perfect red lip?? i hope this swatch post helped those who haven’t! 🙂



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