reusable workout planner

i made this super cute chevron template for my weekly workout schedule, and thought i’d share it with you for free 🙂
sunday is a rest day for me, so it’s a 6 day planner. also, i made it the right size to trim and put into a picture frame so you can use dry erase markers on the glass for when your workouts change.
that’s mine as of today. i need to paint the frame white and find my dry erase markers, haha. i’m gonna hang mine on my wall with print-outs of my favorite workouts. i really like it! and i hope y’all do too!! (and disclaimer: i trimmed mine crooked but the template is straight!)

click on the one you want below (it’ll open another tab with a full size planner template), right click and save the picture. i made a few different colors for everyone. lemme know if you like them… or don’t like them lol.


babyblue coral gray green  purple yellow

WORK IT!Sig_01


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