egg white face mask

egg mask

there’s been this egg white face mask circulating on pinterest that claims to be basically the best thing ever. it’s supposed to clean your pores, shrink your pores, help with scars, etc. welp, because i love you readers so much, i sacrificed my face for you.


– 1 egg white
– small bowl
– toilet paper
– no shame
– 30 to 45 minutes where no other human will see you


1. crack the egg, but hold the two pieces close to each other to allow the egg white to dribble out WITHOUT the yolk!


2. i lightly stirred my egg white up with a fork, just to break some globs up. up to you if you do this!


3. apply! i wasn’t sure how to apply this, so i washed my hands, and slathered it on with my good ol fingers. it felt SO WEIRD. and slimy. and not sexy AT ALL.


4. quickly apply pieces of toilet paper to your face. in some spots i put two layers cuz the egg soaked all the way thru.


5. wait for it to dry… this could take up to a half hour. you’ll know it’s dry when you can’t smile without it pulling on your skin.

6. carefully peel off. CAREFULLY.


NOTHING. this mask did nothing for me.

20130221_185327 that looks like there’s something, but alas, it’s just a shadow…

20130221_192512now i just have red, irritated skin. yay for my completely makeupless face being on the internet. haha.

lemme know if you guys try this and if it works for you!

UPDATE: i was broken out like CRAZY the next morning!! that hasn’t happened since i started oil cleansing, so i blame the egg. stupid egg.



21 thoughts on “egg white face mask

  1. You’re absolutely beautiful and you know it!! even with toilet paper stuck to your face.
    I am glad you tried this so I was spared though….sounds horrendous

  2. you didn’t do it right that’s why it sisnt work….you’re supposed to put the egg white on your face put THIN pieces of toilet paper on your face and add another layer of egg white of the toilet paper and left dry and peel it off upwards

    1. oh hi rude person! the extra layer of egg wouldve KILLED my face. no thanks. & pulling your skin isnt good for it no matter what.

      1. I understand if it didn’t work for you but my skin does get a little red afterwards. I don’t put toilet paper when I do mines I just do the egg by itself for 20 30 mins. I only peel what I can without hurting my skin off and then ways the rest with cold water.

  3. I guess it just doesn’t work for everyone. When I did it, I put the egg white on and didn’t bother with toilet paper (I have used the toilet paper before.. didn’t make any difference). I washed it off when it had dried. I had baby-soft skin, and my face was tighter. But it certainly wasn’t a miracle worker. Lol no mask ever is (unfortunately). Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

  4. Hi,
    I tried the same mask few days ago and it worked for me. I have some small blackheads over my nose, some of them were pulled out with the mask and my skin felt smoother ( not anymore, I’m on acne treatment and it dries out my skin)
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us, you may have an allergy to egg white. Btw, your skin looks great, I think you have to stop trying this sort of masks and just taking care of it by well cleaning and hydrating it.


  5. Hi, I’ll have to give it a try, I’m sick in bed today and thought well if my face gets irritated it wouldn’t be the worst. I puked on the way to walking my kids to school, so if you feel shameless there’s my 2 cents worth of shame right there.

  6. From what I have heard about the “egg mask facial”, and how to do it, there is no toilet paper and it is just simply whisking/beating the egg whites, and then with a clean makeup brush, apply a thin layer onto your face and then wait until your face is stiff-smile test, then, with warm water, rinse it off gently by just massaging in circular motions. 🙂

  7. I use egg whites, but not with the bathroom tissue. I love it. I do it before getting in the shower and when I get out I use a good moisturizer. The egg whites tighten & brighten really well for me.

  8. Have to agree with the posts stating you don’t need the toilet paper. You may have reacted to the egg white but could just as easily have been reacting to the bleach and other chemicals in the paper.
    I’ve done an egg white mask without paper. Apply, let it dry and wash off with warm water. That’s it.

  9. Soo.. this reply will come from a commercial producer of egg white mask in powder form.. (I hope you didn’t all tune out at that comment but in the effort to be transparent I wanted you to know). Here are my points and pointers for this one:
    1. Egg white will contract while it dries (tight-smile-face). if you apply egg white it should be whipped to a frothy consistency and you should add a liquid (we add aloe vera or herbal tea) to adjust to a very thin consistency. This mask will smooth onto skin and give the tightening effect you heard about above. Adjust consistency to match the texture of your skin. Dense skin can withstand more pull while fragile or mature skin needs very little pull. If you want the nutrition of the protein in the egg with no pull.. try adding a litte oil to your mask. Rosehip seed oil and Jojoba oil have many additional nutritional properties that will benefit your skin.
    2. I have not tried the egg and tissue combination to remove blackheads but in my opinion.. toilet paper would be too fragile of a material for this. There is a muslin type material that is shaped like a face that you can probably buy on amazon that would give you a more sturdy texture. I also agree with the idea of layering egg white – material – egg white.
    3. Raw egg can cause problems for the skin when it is not paesturized. Eggs are known to harbor bacteria like salmonella that can cause surface irritation and infections you don’t want to get. If you are not 100% sure about your eggs.. opt for an alternative. You can find paesturized liquid egg whites at the grocery store (check for added ingredients) and I have even heard that some egg producers have found a way to ‘paesturize’ eggs in the shell. We choose dehydrated egg in our product because a) we know the producer b) it is food safe and c) it is shelf stable which allows us to add all of our dry ingredients to the jar and then when we want to use the mask we just need to whisk in the liquids. You can find powdered egg whites in the baking isle of most grocery stores (again, check the ingredients).
    (if you don’t want to go to the trouble of making your own my website is

  10. Mine worked… maybe it was your egg i use “organic” eggs and i dont apply toilet paper to my face… it makes my skin soft and did rid me of a few wrinkles or like a week.

    OH! also use a brand new paint brush when you apply it next time, your hands can add nasty oils to the egg and it’s like you’re touching your face for 15 minutes which can cause a break out.

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