detox bath

i kept finding all these detox baths on pinterest, and decided to try the easiest one (aka, the one where i didn’t have to go to the store to get ingredients). these baths promise all these great things, including:

– detox your body
– absorb the nutrients
– relax your muscles
– etc., etc., depending on which concoction you choose to soak in

well, for the easy one, here goes:

– 2 cups epsom salt (assuming you weigh over 100 pounds… jeez, i hope so!)
– 1 1/2 cups baking soda
– * optional – a few packets of green tea
– * optional- UP TO 1/3 cup ginger… start with a tablespoon and do NOT go over 1/3 cup!

i put the baking soda and epsom salt mix in an old, clean patron bottle. too cute!


1. run a hot bath (do NOT burn yourself… like i did. please be careful)
2. drop in your green tea packets and kinda push them around to make a tub of tea lol
3. pour in your epsom salt & slosh around
4. pour in your baking soda & slosh around
5. light some candles, turn the lights off, put some music on, and set your timer for 20-25 minutes
6. drink a glass of water to prepare your body for the massive amount of sweat it’s about to let out
7. gently climb in and lay down, with your head out of the water and in a comfy position (obviously)
8. relax and enjoy, but drink a full glass of water while you’re in the tub
9. when time’s up, CAREFULLY and SLOWLY climb outta your tub
10. drink a crap ton of water!

what really happened:
1. thru 7.- went well… just as planned
8. i did not relax and i did not enjoy it. i sat in the tub for 15 minutes as my body became a sweaty cess pool and i got so hot that i thought i was going to pass out
9. matt supervised me leaving the tub because i honestly didn’t think i could get out
10. not only did i chug two glasses of water, but i had to lay down on the floor because i couldn’t even make it to the couch to lay down

… now i’m not sure if i had the water too hot or what in the world happened, but maybe i shouldn’t be doing this. lol. matt thinks it was all the caffeine in the green tea. i would agree with that! so next time, no green tea… we’ll see what happens!
on the brighter side, look at the SCUM that came out of me! SO FLIPPIN GROSS!!!!

have you guys tried any type of detox bath? lemme know how it went!



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