argan oil

hey angel faces! my blog & this post has a new home!

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2 thoughts on “argan oil

  1. Hi!I have those awful stretch marks too on my inner thighs and hips. So I was wondering if you have discovered what has worked best for you. I have tried soooo many things.

    1. hey there 🙂
      i bought pure argan oil (the one pictured above) and massaged it into my stretch marks twice a day for a couple minutes each time. (i completely spaced doing a B&A segment on it, i’m sorry!) it definitely helped them become less noticeable, but honestly they aren’t gone. i hope if you try it, it will work wonders for you!
      please lemme know!
      -alex raye

      **i’ve heard that the older the stretch marks, the less improvement you’ll see in comparison to “new” stretch marks. BUT i’ve heard some mothers and even body builders swear that argan oil is better than anything!

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